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Aerotropolis Institute is proud to have appointed a world-leading Expert Panel to help underpin this site by providing thought-leadership, content and advice, to ensure A.I. is recognized as a premier consulting firm in the field of air economy.

Members of our Expert Panel have different backgrounds such as airlines companies, trans-national constitution groups, planning & design institutes, logistics & warehousing companies, commercial real estate firms, consulting agencies, financial service businesses, etc. Depending on expertise and enriched practice experience in management, global trade, air logistics, platform building, digitalization, planning and design, they are able to offer unique, customized services to our clients. Having been working in China for years, they have a good knowledge of urban construction, airport development, industrial guidance, policy making and the development trend of airport economy of China.


Urban Design for Surrounding Areas of East Zhoupu Station, Metro Line 16

Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport Economic Zone Ecological and Smart Residence Area Planning

China’s Aerotropolis: The Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone

Zhuhai Airport Economic Park Bailong River Waterfront District Function Study

Guangzhou Airport Industrial Park Headquarter Function Study



Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone

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