Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone Will Implement 680 Major Projects This Year with a Total Investment of 499.17 Billion Yuan

The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring. On February 18,the reporter learned from Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone that this year, the zone will implement the “5646” construction project, which will drive the overall situation and build a high-quality development foundation.
The "5646" plan means that this year the zone will "implement five major projects, select 680 major projects, plan a total investment of 499.17 billion yuan, and strive to complete investment of more than 69.67 billion yuan annually." In terms of specific targets, we will ensure 230 projects completed and put into production this year, 130 projects under construction, 178 new projects, and 142 pre-projects.

It is reported that these 680 major projects cover five major projects, such as transportation hub construction project, strategic emerging industry development project, urban function improvement project, ecological construction project, and people's livelihood social undertaking development project. Among them, in the construction of the transportation hub, 13 projects will be promoted,including Zhengzhou South Station Hub Project (Phase I), Xinzheng Airport to Zhengzhou South Station Intercity Railway, and Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway Shuanghu Avenue Interchange Progress to make sure that they will be completed on time this year; they will also focus on accelerating eight construction progresses, including Zhengzhou Airport Phase III, Zhengzhou Section of the zone to Xuchang Suburban Railway, and G107 Zhengzhou Eastward Movement (Phase III) to ensure the completion of investment objectives on time. In the strategic emerging industry development project, the zone will focus on the construction of 65 continuation projects such as Changhong LCD Industrial Park, Huarui Optoelectronics, Youjia Precision Machinery, TCL Huazhong Electronics, and Shuanghe Lake Twin Tower Business Complex to ensure the internal investment task will be completed as scheduled this year; At the same time, the preparations for 50 new projects, including the China Intelligent Backbone Network Phase III (North District), Runfeng Henan Headquarters, and Henan Intelligent Transportation Information Equipment Service R&D Center, will be completed to make sure that the construction will proceed as planned.

It is reported that on February 18, the first round of 14 key projects in the zone have started, which opened the curtain for the construction of key projects this year. The head of the zone said that these key projects will play an active role in promoting the industrial optimization and upgrading and the improvement of urban functional carrying capacity, also they will be of great significance for improving the support capacity for the high-quality development of the zone, hence the relevant departments will take effective measures to ensure the smooth process of key projects.


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