Shanghai Zhuqiao Airport City (East Railway Station Hub) Core Area Urban Design

Shanghai Zhuqiao Airport City (East Railway Station Hub) Core Area Urban Design

Zhuqiao Project is located in Zhuqiao Town, 30 km from Shanghai CBD, adjacent to Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) on the east, and close to Disneyland Resort and Zhangjiang Science and Technology City on the west, and research & development base of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) to the south. Its northeast corner overlaps with the existing comprehensive bonded zone.

Replying on PVG, Zhuqiao is not only a business center around the transportation hub, but also a vibrant area helping to raise the global competitiveness of Shanghai. Thus, it will keep enhancing the commercial service level, attracting industrial, educational and research resources and improving the accessibility, and will be built into a nice place for people to live, work and learn.

Along the urban development axis, four functions will be developed from the west to the east, namely “Financial Town”, “Sci-tech Town”, “Entertainment Town” and “Airport City”. The Airport City will be the gateway of Shanghai. The project is located in the comprehensive transportation hub area of the Airport City, is the core area of the Airport City, and will be the drive for future development of the surrounding areas of Pudong.

Project Facts

Location-Pudong, Shanghai

Project Completion-

Size- 7 Square Kilometers



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