At A.I.C., you can work closely with the A.I. International Advisory Panel, which is led by Dr. John D. Kasarda, the founder of Aerotropolis theory and Mr. Ram C. Menen, the former chairman of the International Air Cargo Association (TIACA). We have more than 30 experienced researchers and represents more than 20 fields of expertise, including air transportation, urban planning, civil aviation services, comprehensive transportation hub, commercial operation, landscape architecture, biomedicine, marketing, risk control, etc. A career at A.I.C. is a chance to work with in various sectors and organizations. You will expand your capabilities and professional skills. With the support of our professional-development and training programs, you will grow in all facets of your career.

Who We Want

In A.I.C., we are always on the lookout for people who are professional, passionate and cooperative.

Our team members come from top universities around the world. 90% of the team members are postgraduates from different regions such as University of Oxford, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Fudan University, Nanjing University

Successful candidates perform excellent in the field of his/her expertise, and demonstrate strong problem-solving skills, excellent communication skills, and global mind-sets. Also, we would like to work with people who can focus on work and enjoy teamwork.

Life in A.I.C.

We highly value your efforts and personal growth. To give you a work-life balance, A.I.C. prepares the following package for you.

Project Bonus

A.I.C. awards project bonus in the end of the year based on your responsibilities and performance of your participation in the project.

Health and Wellness Plan

A.I.C. has annual physical examination scheme for each employee.

Social Insurance and Housing Fund

A.I.C. provides social insurance and housing fund for employees, including endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing funds.

Other Benefits

A.I.C. provides a full range of employee welfare scheme, including transportation subsidies, communication subsidies, housing subsidies, meal allowances, holiday benefits, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, birth greetings, overtime allowances etc.


A.I.C. provides you with 5-15 days of paid annual leave based on the length of your working time. If you do not enjoy the annual paid leave for work reasons, A.I.C. will award compensation based on the standards set by the state.

A.I.C. Culture

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How to apply

If you are excited about our opportunities, please email a CV and a covering letter explaining why you believe you would be a great candidate for us to Along with the email, please attach relevant certificates, such as diploma (degree certificate), qualification certificate, and certificate of employment if you have previous working experience. Shortlisted applicants will then be asked to meet for a short interview.

Our Opportunities

Architectural Designer

Landscape Designer

Graphic Designer


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