Qingdao Pingdu Airport Economic Zone Master Plan

Qingdao Pingdu Airport Economic Zone Master Plan

Qingdao Pingdu Airport Economic Zone is approximately 15 km away from the airport. It is the extension area of Shandong Jiaozhou Airport Economic Zone, and is important for Qingdao to develop airport economy.

Different from Jiaozhou Airport Economic Zone which adjacent to the airport, Pingdu Airport Economic Zone has a certain distance to the airport. Given this situation, we defined its positioning as the following: a cluster of aviation-related industries, a high-end light manufacturing base, a regional logistics center for air and ground transportation, and a new urban area for people to live and work. It will integrate“four leading industrial bases + two support functions”. Four leading industrial bases refer to the manufacturing base of electronics and home appliances, the logistics service base in the north part, the scientific, education, research & development base, and the high-value modern agricultural base. Two support functions refer to comprehensive urban services and Dagu River eco-culture tourist services.

The greatest challenge is that there’s no direct connection with the airport. It is not convenient and takes a relatively long time to travel from this area to the airport. In order to solve this problem, in light of the airport economy theory, “it is the speed not the distance that is used to measure connectivity of a place”, we proposed to build a southward expressway from the core area of the North Area of Pingdu Airport Economic Zone. Thus, the travelling time can be shortened. Accessibility of this area can be greatly enhanced.

Project Facts

Location-Qingdao, Shandong

Project Completion-2015.03-2015.07

Size-97 Square Kilometers