Wuyi General Aviation Park Design

Wuyi General Aviation Park Design

The airport economy is gradually becoming a new growth level of economic development. In order to mobilize the rapid development of industry and economy of Wuyi County and its surrounding areas, promote urban development and land appreciation, and build Wuyi County as the tipping point of the whole city and even the whole province, it is extremely urgent to make a systematic planning for the airport economy. Under the overall background of aviation industry and policy background at all levels, the scheme needs to solve the development challenge with effective combination of overall development of Wuyi County, industrial development status and airport economy, and carry out the effective spatial planning combined with the present situation of construction, so that the project planning is beneficial to the industrial and spatial conditions of attracting investment in the later stages, and the feasible planning scheme is formed that has the foundation in theory, can be implemented in space and is operable in policy.


In order to solve the development demand of Wuyi County that “takes the airport economy as the new growth pole of the regional economic industry”, on the basis of comprehensive investigation and research on the project, the project team provide the pointed overall planning scheme for the Wuyi project, and divide the work content into three main parts: strategic path planning, industrial planning and conceptual urban design. Through strategic path research and industrial planning, the development direction and sustainable development strategy of the future base are determined, and the conceptual urban design is carried out in combination with the spatial dimension, thus realizing the practical operation of the planning.  

Project Facts

Location-Wuyi, Zhejiang

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