Aerotropolis Institute provides consultancy on all aspects of airport city and Aerotropolis development including strategic planning of airport economy zones, airport planning, urban design & planning, commercial planning, industrial layout, transportatio

Talent Training

Depending our partnership with specialized universities/colleges/research institutes and global experts, we offer training programs such as training for airport executives, advanced workshop for senior executives of enterprises and government officials, short-term improvement courses and skill training programs.

Airport Facilities Construction

Our services include planning, designing and locating airports and airport facilities and multi-modal transportation systems. Our solutions can help synergize aeronautical and commercial components for airport revenue optimization, growth of air routes, passenger and cargo volumes, and enhance the passenger experience.

Spatial Planning

In light of the spatial research under the Aerotropolis theory, based on the real situation, we define the characteristics of spatial development and work out the future development plan. Besides, we evaluate constructability of the land, present suggestions on spatial layout of industries and traffic organization scheme, and provide suggestions on scale of each industry, transportation development and locations of major projects and special customs controlling zone.

Industrial Planning

We offer a set of solutions concerning industrial development to clients from industry selection principles, global case study, study of airport-integrated industries to industry selection and layout planning.

Strategic Planning

Through research and field investigation, we provide strategic road maps for airport city/Aerotropolis development. Every solution we provide is backed by meticulous studies of background, vision and positioning of the program; global cases, successful development patterns and strategic paths and workable implementation plans.


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