The International Advisory Panel “Diagnoses” the Issues on the Development of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone upon its First Assembly

October 25, Zhengzhou -- The discussion meeting concerning issues of hub construction, industrial development and internationalization of the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone (the ZAEZ) is held today with 12 members of the International Advisory Panel led by Dr. Kasarda for the first time in the ZAEZ history. The meeting is convened by Dr. John Kasarda, the President of A.I.C. and moderated by Ma Jian, member of CPC Zhengzhou Standing Committee and secretary of ZAEZ Party Working Committee.

During the discussion, experts recognize the achievements of the ZAEZ. They believe that the ZAEZ presents great developing potential thanks to its prominent location edge, comprehensive hub infrastructure and sophisticated industry. Based on their previous theoretical research and practices, all the experts offered constructive suggestions on the future plan of how to develop the ZAEZ into an Aerotropolis. 

Ma Jian agrees with the experts on their advice and asks relevant departments to study and seek ways to implement these suggestions. Meanwhile, Ma expresses his expectation for the International Advisory Panel. He says the Panel should be the new impetus for the ZAEZ’s growth by recruiting more top talents into the team.

The ZAEZ Deputy Director Wang Chunshan and Deputy Director Cai Hong, the executives of the Henan Airport Group, Commissioners of Xinzheng Customs, the officers of Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport (CGO) and other governmental leaders attend the meeting.

The International Advisory Panel of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone (the ZAEZ) is the first high-end think tank in Henan Province, China with global talents. The Panel will serve as the strategic consultation institute for the ZAEZ to develop into China’s Aerotropolis. Under the guidance of Dr. John Kasarda, the ZAEZ is dedicated to attracting industrial pioneers, chief executive officers and scholars from world-class institutes to form this advisory panel. The first International Advisory Panel of the ZAEZ includes 14 experts with Dr. Kasarda serving as the chairperson. Dr. John Kasarda is the founder of Aerotropolis Theory, Chief Advisor to the ZAEZ and the President of A.I.C. The International Advisory Panel of the ZAEZ is committed to recruiting top talent based on the strategic positioning and development needs of the ZAEZ. In the long run, the A.I.C. will gather scientific and R&D resources from the globe to build the A.I.C. into a world-class “think tank” to draw talent of all levels from multiple domains. As thought leaders, the International Advisory Panel will be devoted to providing theoretical and strategic consultation for decision-makers. The Panel is designed as the ZAEZ and Zhengzhou’s window to the world, promoting international cooperation and facilitating the development of  “China’s Aerotropolis”.