The Establishment of the International Advisory Panel Marks a New Chapter of the ZAEZ

October,30 Zhengzhou-- The International Advisory Panel (the IAP) of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone(the ZAEZ) unveils its official inauguration at the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone Talent Recruitment Session of the second Henan·China Talent Recruitment & Project Matchmaking Event for Innovation and Development. Ma Jian, the member of CPC Zhengzhou Standing Committee and secretary of ZAEZ Party Working Committee, and Zhang Junfeng, the Director of the ZAEZ Administrative Committee presented the certificate of appointment to the members of the IAP.

The IAP of the ZAEZ is the first high-end think tank in Henan Province, China with global talents. Under the guidance of Dr. John Kasarda, Aerotropolis Institute China (the A.I.C.) invited 14 experts to join the IAP. Dr. Kasarda is the founder of the Aerotropolis Theory, Professor Emeritus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Director of the Center for Air Commerce at the University of North Carolina and Chief Adviser of the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone.

All the 14 experts are pioneers from world airport economy organizations, scholars from world-leading research institutes and universities, and executive officers at renowned multinationals. It is an honor for both the A.I.C. and the ZAEZ to have industrial leaders such as Mr. Ram Menen, the founder of the The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA), Mr. Michael Canon, the Global transportation and logistics expert and Dr. Noel Greis Research Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management in the Poole College of Management at North Carolina State University.    

The International Advisory Panel of the AIC is committed to recruiting top talent based on the strategic positioning and development needs of the ZAEZ. In the long run, AIC will gather scientific and R&D resources from the globe to build the ZAEZ into a world-class “think tank” to draw talent of all levels from multiple domains. As thought leaders, the International Advisory Panel will be devoted to providing theoretical and strategic consultation for decision-makers. The Panel is designed as the ZAEZ and Zhengzhou’s window to the world, promoting international cooperation and facilitating the development of  “China’s Aerotropolis”.