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Hyderabad Airport City and Aerotropolis

Type:Aerotropolis Cases
  • Location

    India, South Asia

  • Year


  • Team

    Dr. Kasarda


The new Hyderabad International Airport was opened in 2008 as India’s first greenfield public-private partnership (PPP) airport. Dr. Kasarda was hired by the GMR Group to assist them in transforming the 2,200-hectare airport site into an airport city and extended Aerotropolis. A strategic plan was developed, offering a modular design of airport logistics, commercial, commercial, and industrial facilities that would respond in an incremental manner to growing passenger and cargo volumes and other economic opportunities.

The plan organized the airport into three zones: Zone West, Zone Core, and Zone East. The Core Zone was designed to house two passenger terminals with multimodal transport connecting also the GMR corporate offices. An additional 50 hectares was designated for retail, leisure, and entertainment facilities.

The strategic plan treated the airport as the multimodal central city of an extended Aerotropolis called the Hyderabad Airport Development Administrative Area. The strategic plan specified the features of this extended Aerotropolis, which has a substantial high-tech orientation. In addition to proposing efficient highway connectivity to optimize accessibility in the airport city and Aerotropolis, passenger rail links were recommended.