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Guangzhou Airport Industrial Park Headquarter Function Study

Type:The Active Business Area in the Outlying Corridors centered the Airports
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    AIC (Shanghai) Urban Planning & Design Company


The project is located in the core area from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to downtow Huadu. The project covers an area of 0.33, and it can connect with the outside expressway (Airport expressway and Daguang expressway) , and can reach downtown Guangzhou easily. The geographic advantage of this area is remarkable. 

After analyzing the industry functions of this area, AIC suggests to position this area as a commercial center. The project area is next to the airport economic zone. Based on its superior traffic conditions and construction advantages, AIC and Greenland Group proposed to develop the base into a national aviation economic demonstration zone (Preliminary). Besides, Guangzhou government is about to launch the Guangzhou Free Trade Pioneer Zone, which will drive the development of the entire airport economic zone. 

As for industry development, AIC suggests to develop this area into an aviation headquarter, an aviation information base, a cross-border trade base, and a smart residential area. AIC proposes an innovative model of 'Internet + airport economy + innovation industry base'. In the future, this area will be developed into the 'airport service innovation base' and a 'business hub for international airport economic zone", and achieves the integration of industry and city. 

The project clearly proposes the development plan that will be completed with four stages in six years, and also calculates the construction scale, provides the cost-benefit analysis of each stage. The project consultation was approved by the Committee of Guangzhou Airport Economic Zone and the Guangzhou Municipal Government.