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About Aerotropolis Institute China (AIC)


Aerotropolis Institute China (AIC) is a thought leader and accomplished consulting organization in airport, air logistics, and Aerotropolis development, committed to contributing to the prosperity of airport-centered areas in particular in APAC.


AIC has three strategic service sectors, “theory and strategy, consulting and development, information and data” and is dedicated to facilitating the development of dynamic and competitive Aerotropolises in China and the APAC. By applying a unique work methodology integrating strategic planning, spatial planning and industrial planning, we endeavor to meet and align the development needs of local governments, airport operators, multinational companies, and public organizations through close follow-up on the projects.




 I.                Theory and Strategy


©  Inheriting and evolving the “Aerotropolis” model to maintain our thought leadership in Aerotropolis development

The Aerotropolis theory is the theoretical basis of AIC. We keep enriching the theory with our continuous practical experiences and in-depth study on Aerotropolises around the world. AIC presents an Aerotropolis development model to guide the airport-centered area around the world developing into a prosperous Aerotropolis.  


©  Strengthening the international vision by bringing in global intelligence

AIC established a top-notched International Advisory Panel (IAP), bringing together world leading experts in the areas of airport development, air transport, international trade, FDI, digitalization, urban planning, branding, hospitality, etc. IAP gives us a global vision and keeps us abreast of the world’s best practices and international industrial trends. Our experts come from different backgrounds from airlines, 3PL, urban planning institutes to multinational organizations. They know the wants and needs of industrial players and have rich experiences in aligning stakeholders.


©  Offering a novel perspective to evaluate how global cities perform with the Global Aerotropolis Rating Index (GARI)

©  GARI: A novel perspective to evaluate how global cities perform

AIC has built the Global Aerotropolis Rating Index (GARI) based on the Aerotropolis theory.  In today’s highly air-connected and aviation-driven world, the influence of airport and aviation on a city’s development cannot be ignored. Thus, we add aviation impact factors and the “Economy of Speed” factors to the traditional city competitiveness factors and provide a new perspective to evaluate the performance of global cities.


II.             Consultation and Development


©  AIC, serving as the think-tank of the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone (ZAEZ), facilitates high-quality development of the region

AIC, located at the ZAEZ, is the first and only airport economy zone approved by the State Council. Over the past five years, AIC has been providing follow-up research and consulting services to all major programs of the ZAEZ, ranging from strategic and industrial planning, national land use planning, urban landscape design, traffic planning, to major public architecture design. We keep contributing to the social and economic development of the ZAEZ, and our performance has been highly recognized by all stakeholders in the Zone.


AIC also facilitates the ZAEZ to integrate into the global market. On one hand, by depending on our deep involvement in the ZAEZ’s development, we summarized a duplicable ZAEZ development pattern as a reference for Aerotropolis development in other airport-centered areas. On the other hand, AIC constantly promotes the ZAEZ development pattern globally to raise the ZAEZ’s global visibility and facilitate cross-regional cooperation. In 2019, at the suggestion of AIC, the ZAEZ initiated the “China’s Aerotropolis: Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone” branding project. This project will help the ZAEZ gain higher global recognition, upgrade its image, and increase its attractiveness to businesses, investments and talents. 


©  Enhancing our presence in China and the world, responding to the national strategy, and promoting innovative development of Aerotropolis

 “Air Silk Road” initiative is steadily being carried out in the ZAEZ. Under this backdrop, AIC actively expands its businesses to other cities and regions. We have engaged in the airport economy zone development in Shanghai, Zhejiang and many other cities and provinces, and the projects vary from strategic planning, urban planning, airport development planning, business development plan, and urban traffic design to air logistics.


©  Unique methodology: “strategic planning+ industrial planning+ spatial planning”


01. Strategic planning

AIC can map out the overall development route for airport-centered areas, backed by our meticulous studies on their conditions, strategic goals and positioning. Beyond this, AIC also draws experiences from other successful Aerotropolis developments in the world, especially learning from their strategic roadmaps and implementation plans that integrate internationalization with localization.


02. Industrial planning

Many airport economy zones have consulted AIC about[A1]  industrial development, business soliciting and spatial planning. Our services include formulating industry selecting criteria, benchmarking case study, space analysis and other basic researches.



03. Spatial planning

Based on the Aerotropolis theory, AIC conducts researches on urban space development, formulates tailored spatial development strategy and macro-traffic organization plan, and evaluates land constructability. We can also help with the site selection of industrial factories and special customs supervision areas.


III.           Information and Data


©  Establishing an Aerotropolis data platform to support the decision-making of stakeholders in the ZAEZ

AIC has established an Aerotropolis data platform to grasp the opportunities brought by “new infrastructure” construction. With effective tools like big data, cloud computing and AI, we facilitate the decision-making of local authorities and aviation-oriented industries in terms of economic development, investment, urban planning, etc.






Ø  AIC (Shanghai)

AIC (Shanghai) Urban Planning & Design Company was established in October 2019 in Shanghai Hongqiao Business Center. As a strategic division of AIC, AIC (Shanghai) is a comprehensive think-tank integrating scientific research, industrial consulting, and urban planning. Leveraging the strategic location of Shanghai and Hongqiao, AIC (Shanghai) is devoted to be an advanced platform gathering global resources, talents and intelligence.


Practicing the unique AIC methodology encompassing strategic planning, industrial planning and spatial planning, AIC (Shanghai) provides the optimal solutions for local authorities and large enterprises, helping them consolidate resources, make top-level structure design, map out airport economy zone development pattern, recruit investment, etc. AIC also endorses the protection, development and sustainable growth of city clusters, air hub, Aerotropolis, large transportation hub, major development area, featured township, etc.


Ø  Yunji Technologies

Zhengzhou Yunji Human Resources Management Co., Ltd, established at the ZAEZ in June 2020, is an IT company focusing on human resources development. Adhering to the idea of “strategic innovation, data and technology support”, based on the massive and solid data of enterprises and talents, Yunji Technologies is able to: 1) provide the local government with customized intelligent HR solutions that are in line with the local industrial development needs and regional development goals; 2) build a e-platform or e-system for local authorizes to manage HR industry; 3) provide enterprises with smart solutions to recruitment, vocational training and life services. Yunji Technologies endeavors to be a top human resources management IT companies in China.



ARIF (Shanghai) Planning & Design Consulting Company was founded in 2008 and acquired by AIC in 2020. It has Landscape and Garden Engineering Design Qualification (Level A), Urban and Rural Planning Qualification (Level B), ISO9001-2015 International Quality Management System Certification and 30+ utility patents. Its businesses range from landscape and garden EPC, urban planning and design, to ecological remediation, cultural tourism operation and rural reconstruction. Moreover, AIC·ARIF applies scientific research methodology and creative ideas, and is able to offer marketing, fund management and ABS solution to clients through in-depth analysis on the internal and external circumstances. So far, it has projects in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hubei, Guizhou, Guangdong, Shaanxi, etc.