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Research and Consulting

Strategic planning

We are able to map out the general development route for areas around an airport, which is backed by our meticulous studies on the local conditions, the Strategic goal and positioning, global successful cases, strategic roadmap and implementation plans which integrate internationalization with localization.

Industrial Planning

In order to facilitate far-sighted, efficient and orderly development of the industries,  we are able to propose a tailored industrial structure, suggest the development order and the investment recruitment measures, etc.

Spacial Planning

We are able to make the spatial development strategy and plan, land constructability evaluation, macro-traffic organization plan; industrial spatial layout and site selection, scale defining and transportation solution for major industrial projects; site selection for the customs special supervisory area and major projects.

Education and Training

AIC is working on building up an education complex by leveraging the large human resource database and the intelligence of IAP fellows. Inside the complex, there will be training institutions providing vocational trainings to government officers, airport operators, and professionals who work for airlines, Just-in-time (JIT) companies and other aviation-oriented enterprises. The training content includes the general knowledge and skills applied in aviation industry, what an Aerotropolis is and Aerotropolis development strategy, both online and offline. Besides, AIC also offers tailored training according to the wants and needs of clients.

  • Supply Chain Safety of Air Logistics

  • Aerotropolis Planning and Construction

  • Air Cold-chain Logistics

  • Air Logistics Efficiency

  • Airport Transportation Efficiency

  • Airport Operation Efficiency

  • Skill Training for Just-in-time (JIT) Industries

  • Business Recruitment for Aerotropolis

  • Tourism Planning for Aerotropolis

  • Green Building for Aerotropolis

  • Aerotropolis Planning and Construction

  • Aerotropolis Concept Model

Big Data and Information

Reshape the global Aerotropolis network by creating an efficient, convenient, energy-saving, and high-quality city model.

Based on the proprietary "Global Aerotropolis Rating Index (GARI)" system, AIC defines how to rate and certificate Aerotropolises, and releases GARI rankings every year to guide the development of Aerotropolises worldwide. We provide decision-makers and stakeholders with a clear picture of the city’s competitiveness, and real-time and accurate big data tools for better decision-making and marketing.

Digital Technology

AIC applies the latest information technologies, such as big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and block chain, to help clients reduce cost and improve efficiency.

  • Aerotropolis Theory

  • Aviation Industry Research

  • Aerotropolis Consulting